Essentials when decorating your room for the first time

Whether you bought a new apartment moved to your very first rented flat, it must be given an essence of your own home. There are certain essentials that must be used for decoration of your first apartment or home. They can render a homely ambiance and gives a positive vibe whenever you are at home.

Let us look at some of the essential decorations.

Add a plant

Adding a plant is so simple, yet so fulfilling in itself. Just place a plant or two in any corner of your room, or at the center table of your living room. It will instantly give a boost to the entire feel and look of the room. It is always recommended that you must include a low maintenance plant like cactus, succulent or philodendron at the side tables, and the whole look of the room transforms.

Stylize your bookshelf or cabinet

You seem to have a wide collection of books from different writers around the world. You have a bookshelf or a cabinet to showcase your collections. Why make the same arrangements of the bookshelf and make it appear boring and dull. You can add some spice and bring in the appeal. You can arrange the books in different directions, like horizontally and vertically. In fact, adding one or two accessories like a showpiece, a table lamp, a flowerpot can give a zing.

The lighting fixtures must be up to date

The right lighting can change the whole look of a room. Depending on the décor of your room and the furniture you have, you need to decide on the lighting fixtures. You can always go for the stylish and the chic table lamps, which will never go out of fashion. Focusing lighting is also in trend these days and several homeowners invest in them. Furthermore, you can go for the DIY lighting fixtures as well.

Mirrored furniture is in fashion

If you follow the current furniture trends closely, you must know about the popularity of the mirrored furniture. Mirrored wardrobes, cabinets, and closets seem to be the most popular ones today. Mirrored wardrobes in the bedrooms are found in almost every modern household across the world. Mirrored furniture for the bathroom is quite well known as well. They don’t only appear elegant and chic but give the impression of a large room. Mirrored furniture is ideal for smaller spaces or rooms.

The use of coffee table trays

The use of trays on the coffee tables has acquired a high popularity in the recent times. It not only helps you to keep things organized and clutter-free but also looks quite trendy and elegant. It acts as a decoration in itself. Moreover, you can expect a polished surface look of the coffee table. You can place the TV remote, coasters, a book and other objects for a neat appearance.

The above mentioned are some of the essentials that you need to invest money on while you have shifted to a new home of your own or rented one.