Why Should You Keep Trees In Your Garden?

Clean Air

Trees are also known as “lungs of the planet” because it gives off oxygen which all living things breathe in, as well as filters the air. So without trees we’re all probably die from respiratory diseases. So it can’t harm to have a few in your garden. Who wouldn’t want to sit in their garden and take in the fresh air?

They Provide Jobs For People

Did you know that in National Forest alone there are 190,000 full- and part-time jobs already which probably consists of tree surgeons, ecologists, soil scientists, and more? Considering how difficult it is to find a job these days, it’s nice to know that the existence of trees helps give people a living. But its even nicer to know if you’re looking for a little help in your garden (let’s face it your garden isn’t a natural forest) you can visit www.spctreeservices.co.uk or Benton Tree Surgery with confidence, they come highly recommended.

Keep The Water Clean

Knowing how the forest provides natural filtration and a storage system for nearly two-thirds of the water supply in UK alone, each of us should thank trees for giving us clean water, which is why we should contribute in our home garden.

They’re Good For Our Mental Health

We know how calming it is to just look at green spaces, but what you may not realise is that having trees around and close to home also inspires better cognitive functioning, self-discipline, and greater mental health in general.

They’re A Huge Part Of Wildlife

Removing trees is like taking away food, shelter, nesting, and mating place for a lot of different kinds of wildlife. This is also the reason why tree surgeons don’t just cut trees down completely and discard them. If a tree needs to be removed from a house or road, they apply a procedure called earth balling to avoid too much damage on the roots and ensure that it will survive when transferred and replanted on another location.

Reducing Heat

Summer would have been a lot hotter without the shade and wind-breaking qualities of trees. This means the more trees their are, the cooler the temperature will be.

They Are An Important Part Of Flood Control

The roots of the trees absorbs huge amount of water. So imagine it acts as a barrier to your home from any flooding.