When do you need a Tree Surgeon?

What is a Tree Surgeon?

What do you know about a tree surgeon and what are the activities they do in their job? This article will explain to you these questions to give light to your curiosity. A tree surgeon is a person that carries out different kinds of tree work that includes planting, nursing and maintaining the tree. They are also the ones who conduct tree hazard assessments to ensure safety. Often times, a tree surgeon is also called as tree climbers and most people refer to them as arborists.

Due to the physical work they do, of course they need to have all these physical requirement to ensure that they are fit to do the job. Meaning to say, they should be physically fit. Also, since they need to climb up trees, they should also have a head for the heights. These community environmentalists are doing various kinds of tree works because they are aiming for environmental preservation besides, if you are a person who wants to work in other countries, then being a tree surgeon could get you somewhere.

Aside from the physical requirement, these arborists have been well trained with regards to using different equipment to get into work; examples of these are chainsaws, ladders, ropes and harnesses. There are more and more people who are enrolling to an Apprenticeship in Trees and Timber so that they will know how to be a certified tree surgeon.

What are the duties of a tree surgeon?

As it has been mentioned above, any tree-related activities are part of their duties. Again, climbing skills is one of the necessary skills one should possess once you begin to work as a tree surgeon. The following written below are the specific work activities that a tree surgeon does:

  1. They assess the health of the trees and find the proper remedy once it has found out to have irregularities.
  2. The tree pruning and branch removals of the street and park are also part of the duties and responsibilities of an arborist.
  3. Planting and felling are included in the list.
  4. When needed, they also perform the duty of assessing the hazard of the trees and give proper diagnosis to it.
  5. Pest control is also part of its duties.
  6. A tree surgeon or the tree climber is also that person who is capable of removing the snow on the tree branches so that the snow load will be less in the branches.

What are the normal working conditions of a tree surgeon?

If you are a full-time local tree surgeon who works for an employer, then like most jobs, you will work Monday to Friday, 8 hours a week from 9 am up to 5 pm. Also, your emp0loyer may call you to work over the weekends for emergencies and other dealings. Now, if you are an experienced surgeon, then you can do self-employment or get consultancy opportunities to offer your services and earn from it.