What are the different types of boilers?

A boiler has so many different functions and actually, statistics show that there are over thousands of household which uses these machinery in the UK. Because of this trend and high demand, there exist a lot of manufacturers that produce these boilers. Now, if you want to purchase this appliance, then one thing you must remember is to know the different types of boilers so that, you would be able to identify which type suits your needs.

With the help of Spicers (http://www.spicersheating.co.uk/) this article will help give you the comprehensive list of the variation of boiler types available in the market. Furthermore, this article will give you the boiler brands to narrow down your search.


  1. Condensing boiler

This is the most in-demand type of boiler in the United Kingdom. This condensing boiler have different variations such as system boilers, heat boilers or the combination of both. This is famous because it is very versatile and functional most especially when it comes to domestic applications. The good thing about condensing boiler is that, it is very energy-efficient compared to the traditional gas boilers.

It has a central chamber which heats up the enclosed water in the vessel and has a secondary chamber which uses the residual heat to warm the water which comes back to the unit. This is very easy to install and it does not take too much space in the area because it has a small size. However, due to its size, it sometimes could not produce a large quantity of hot water. Meaning to say, its size is proportional to the amount of water being heated.

  1. Oil boilers

This type of boiler is a good solution if your home is not connected to the foremost gas heating system. Of course, it uses oil to operate rather than gas. Its mechanism is just like the traditional boiler. The downside of using this kind of boiler is that, it is quite expensive and it is logistically challenging as much as the delivery of oil is concerned. You need to supply the device’s tank with oil to make sure you will not run out of oil. Regardless of the price, you can choose different variations of oil boilers. There are models which can heat a standard 3-bedroom house or even larger.

  1. Combi boiler

The name itself suggests that this type of boiler is a combination of the functions of a traditional boiler and a heating boiler. There are several advantages if you use this kind of boiler. First is, it is space saver. It is very compact and could easily be used in the kitchen or any utility room. This does not have tanks so you can place it in your most convenient place. Another benefit of this boiler is, it gives good water pressure. The only thing about is these combi boilers is, it is not suitable for power showers. You need adequate supply of cold water before getting a hot water.