What Are The Benefits Of Timber Windows?

Timber doors and windows are an all time favorite for homeowners. They score high on style, aesthetics, and performance and they are definitely the best when compared to other materials. There are various benefits of Timber windows and some of them have been enlisted below for your aid.

1# High Thermal resistance
Timber wood is known to have a high thermal resistance compared to all other materials and they are very useful when it comes to building windows and doors. It helps in good thermal insulation that means helps reduce loss of heat and at the same time helps saving on your electric bills. There is no condensation on timber woods and thus timber woods are known to provide a healthier and pollution free environment.
Timber windows Is one of the best ways in which you can decorate your house at an affordable price that will sustain for a long time as well? The windows also have a long lifespan with proper maintenance that can extend up to 60 years and more. As seen, various colonial houses have installed timber windows and doors in them.

2# Have flexibility of design
Timber doors and windows have a very flexible design option. They are be customized as per your likes and requirements. If you want a different color for timber you can try out various different shades and colors. You can choose from various hardware fittings as well for your timber doors and windows.

3# The look can also be changed
Timber by itself can last for a long period of time. However if it is designed with good quality paint and hardware, it can last for much longer. It is also really easy to maintain timber wood for a long time and then repaint the wood when it requires painting once again. Timber is also known to be environmentally friendly. It is a renewable source of energy with a low carbon footprint as well. Timber can does helps in protecting our environment for all future generations. Wooden timber frames are really attractive and you can also choose from a variety of woods like maple, mahogany and oak.

4# Environmentally friendly
Did you know that it takes 8 times more energy to create a PVC window frame? Timber window frames require much less energy to be manufactured. Maple is known to be the cheapest wood for windows and mahogany is known to be the costliest. A classic timber frame can last for a long time. Sourced from some of the Scandinavian forests timber is environmentally friendly, good looking, cost effective and readily available as well. Wood windows are easier to repair, they are greener and at the same time durable as well.

5# Sustainability
Timber is known to be a renewable source of energy. This is completely sustainable as it does not affect the planet in any way and does not drain any kind of resource. Timber is mainly harvested from forests and plantations and the environment is definitely not damaged due to the plantation of timber. Timber is the best choice for the environment as well as for your furniture and accessories as well.
These are the various benefits of timber doors and windows and thus it is the most preferable choice for homeowners as well as contractors as well.