Things You’ll Need For Moving Home

For some people moving home is new and they don’t exactly know the process, so they are put off of moving altogether. This shouldn’t be the way, moving should be a great experience that everyone should get at least once in their life so I’m here to make it easy on you and break down exactly what you’ll need.moving stress

Boxes…And Lots Of Them

It’s surprising how much stuff we actually collect over the years and you don’t realise until you start boxing it up. So don’t underestimate yourself and get as many flatpack boxes as possible. Perhaps throw away a few things that you don’t need whilst in the process (I know that can be tough but you don’t want to be a hoarder).

An Estate Agent

Those people you find sniffing around for sale signs dressed in smartly in suits or suit dresses from HarLands may just be your saviour when it comes to moving house. They are fully trained professionals that know exactly what to do and let’s face it they are pretty bad at it due to it being such a competitive job. They are dedicated to getting what you want and as fast as possible too.

Harlands have provided this infographic providing information regarding increasing the value of your house pre-sale.

Moving Van

Because how else were you planning on moving your stuff? There are so many boxes and you really don’t have time to be going back and fourth repeatedly. Not to mention the fact there are furniture items that definitely will not fit in your car even if you have a four by four. Hire a local removals company, including Neales Removals Romford who are experts in making your move as smooth as possible.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you certainly will need it. Help can come from anyone; your family, a friend and maybe even your soon to be ex neighbour. When moving day comes your stress levels will be through the roof so it is nice to have someone there for you to make sure everything runs smoothly so as not to add fuel to the fire.