Signs Your Electric Meter Is Not Accurate

Electric meter is important for power companies and consumers. It creates a solid proof and transparency regarding the power consumption of the major electric appliances in your home and the basis of electric bills. As such, both the power companies and consumers are putting emphasis in making sure that the electric meter is in good working condition and can provide accurate reading. Though this is usually the case for electric meters, there are some electric meters which will provide readings that are not accurate. Power companies are closely monitoring such electric meters to ensure that they provide quality service to the consumers. For consumers, here are some signs which can help you determine if your electric meter is not accurate.

  1. Inconsistent readings – Monthly electric readings will always be at a certain range. The lower and upper range of monthly readings will not deviate much. However, if the reading is significantly inconsistent even if your power consumption is virtually the same every month, this is a sign that your electric meter is not accurate.
  2. Fluctuating electric bills – If you do not pay attention to the monthly reading, you will surely take notice of the monthly electric bills. If the electric bills fluctuate too much in every month, it is either due to the sudden increase of power consumption or cost. If these two factors do not have a significant change, there might be a problem with your electric meter.
  3. Abnormal meter speed – If you observe your electric meter every day, you will get a general idea on the average speed of your electric meter. However, if the speed suddenly decrease or increase one day even if the rate of power consumption is the same, this is a sign that the electric meter is not accurate.
  4. Inconsistent meter speed – For people who like to observe there electric meters in a few minutes, the meter speed will be consistent most of the time unless an appliance if turned off. If the number of appliances using the electricity did not increase or decrease in the few minutes but there are instances where to meter speed increases or decreases without any reason, you can be sure that the reading will not be accurate.
  5. Sudden spike without power consumption – There are times when you are not using the electricity at all. If you observe that during this time the electric meter suddenly spike on the reading, this is a great sign that the meter is not accurate.

If you observe any of these signs, refer to your power company or supplier such as Smart Process so they can check if your electric meter needs a replacement or to recalibrate the meter.