Getting to Know The Best-Selling Vibac Tapes

If you happen to search the most popular brand when it comes to manufacturing diversified line of packaging films and tapes, then the Vibac Group in the front line. Vibac is widely known to lead the world’s market with the most pressure-sensitive tapes and other tape products. There are two divisions comprising the company; first is the film division and the other is the tape division. The article will give more emphasis on the latter.

The tapes ( that the Vibac manufactures are all carrying the best supports such as BOPP for carton sealing, paper masking tapes which can be used in a wide spectrum of applications (automotive, DIY, office and school supplies), PVC, cloth and many others.

Vibac’s History and  Growth

This company has started over a quarter of a century back. From a very small company, they have produced all the best domestic tapes in the packaging industry. Their superior quality products have gained so many trust from the consumers all across the globe. In 2008, they have decided to go beyond the usual packaging tapes they are selling. The group launched and created two masking related lines—the paper and the tape. Their continuous growth because of their sales volume, production capacity and top quality service made them become the number one brand in their field of expertise. Due to this reason, they have established a number of production units some of which are found in Canada and Italy.

What do customers like about Vibac Company?

This company will not achieve a world class position in the market if they have not been committed in doing the following:

  • Providing the best quality product solutions to every consumer needs.
  • Create the superior tapes for the packaging and marking industries with very competitive prices.
  • Reach a sustainable growth and success of the application of their manufacturing technologies so they could bring 100% customer satisfaction.

What do their tape products guarantee their customers?

  • The Vibac tapes are known to serve for a variety of purpose.
  • Their tapes are very adhesive and could stick to almost every surfaces.
  • The packaging needs are given efficient solutions with their tape products. You can use these tapes for sealing cartons and the like.
  • The tapes are of highest quality but then they sell it at a very unbeatable price making them the most cost-effective solutions to packaging needs.
  • Each tape that they manufacture can be used in different weight packages with great reliability of sticking them tightly and securely in any surfaces like cardboard and polythene.
  • The greatest thing about the Vibac tapes is, they can be adhesive in damp and cold environments. Its hotmelt adhesive product is water resistant.

What is their newest product?

  • Low noise acrylic tape

These tapes are made from polypropylene adhesive materials which are pressure-sensitive. This kind of tape could work even with the presence of excessive moisture since this has water-based adhesive properties. Moreover, this is purposely made to make manual carton sealing very efficient. Its strength is unmatchable and they stick well even in irregular surfaces. Also, the name itself implies that this product possess low noise properties.