Things You’ll Need For Moving Home

For some people moving home is new and they don’t exactly know the process, so they are put off of moving altogether. This shouldn’t be the way, moving should be a great experience that everyone should get at least once in their life so I’m here to make it easy on you and break down exactly what you’ll need.moving stress

Boxes…And Lots Of Them

It’s surprising how much stuff we actually collect over the years and you don’t realise until you start boxing it up. So don’t underestimate yourself and get as many flatpack boxes as possible. Perhaps throw away a few things that you don’t need whilst in the process (I know that can be tough but you don’t want to be a hoarder).

An Estate Agent

Those people you find sniffing around for sale signs dressed in smartly in suits or suit dresses from Bear Estate Agency Southend may just be your saviour when it comes to moving house. They are fully trained professionals that know exactly what to do and let’s face it they are pretty bad at it due to it being such a competitive job. They are dedicated to getting what you want and as fast as possible too.

Moving Van

Because how else were you planning on moving your stuff? There are so many boxes and you really don’t have time to be going back and fourth repeatedly. Not to mention the fact there are furniture items that definitely will not fit in your car even if you have a four by four. Hire a local removals company, including Neales Removals Romford who are experts in making your move as smooth as possible.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you certainly will need it. Help can come from anyone; your family, a friend and maybe even your soon to be ex neighbour. When moving day comes your stress levels will be through the roof so it is nice to have someone there for you to make sure everything runs smoothly so as not to add fuel to the fire.


Signs Your Electric Meter Is Not Accurate


Electric meter is important for power companies and consumers. It creates a solid proof and transparency regarding the power consumption and the basis of electric bills. As such, both the power companies and consumers are putting emphasis in making sure that the electric meter is in good working condition and can provide accurate reading. Though this is usually the case for electric meters, there are some electric meters which will provide readings that are not accurate. Power companies are closely monitoring such electric meters to ensure that they provide quality service to the consumers. For consumers, here are some signs which can help you determine if your electric meter is not accurate.

  1. Inconsistent readings – Monthly electric readings will always be at a certain range. The lower and upper range of monthly readings will not deviate much. However, if the reading is significantly inconsistent even if your power consumption is virtually the same every month, this is a sign that your electric meter is not accurate.
  2. Fluctuating electric bills – If you do not pay attention to the monthly reading, you will surely take notice of the monthly electric bills. If the electric bills fluctuate too much in every month, it is either due to the sudden increase of power consumption or cost. If these two factors do not have a significant change, there might be a problem with your electric meter.
  3. Abnormal meter speed – If you observe your electric meter every day, you will get a general idea on the average speed of your electric meter. However, if the speed suddenly decrease or increase one day even if the rate of power consumption is the same, this is a sign that the electric meter is not accurate.
  4. Inconsistent meter speed – For people who like to observe there electric meters in a few minutes, the meter speed will be consistent most of the time unless an appliance if turned off. If the number of appliances using the electricity did not increase or decrease in the few minutes but there are instances where to meter speed increases or decreases without any reason, you can be sure that the reading will not be accurate.
  5. Sudden spike without power consumption – There are times when you are not using the electricity at all. If you observe that during this time the electric meter suddenly spike on the reading, this is a great sign that the meter is not accurate.

If you observe any of these signs, refer to your power company or supplier such as Smart Process so they can check if your electric meter needs a replacement or to recalibrate the meter.



Décor In The Home

When it comes to décor in the home the movement has come on leaps and bounds with the help of technology. So many standard items of furniture that we wouldn’t think twice about changing have got a new twist. Maybe it’s because we expect a higher standard and quality of product but really it’s because we are lazy. We expect everyday household items to have multi-functions. I’m not complaining, thanks to all these innovative ideas my home looks like something from the future. But what exactly is there to offer? Well take a read and you might find a few ideas, if you’re still stuck there are even conventions like The Ideal Home Exhibition dedicated to new home technology.

Mirror TV

Due to the current housing market many people are struggling to move home or even get themselves on to the property ladder. As a result many are left in smaller properties than they would like. This doesn’t mean they have to compromise when it comes to the décor in their home. Thanks to new technology there are plenty of furniture items that are great at saving space. Just like Overmantels mirror TVs. At first glance the item just looks like a mirror but with the press of a button on your remote your mirror is transformed into a TV. TVs themselves have changed so much themselves but a mirror TV makes use of most modern features such as 3D and smart TV.no22-bo-tv-off2

The Electric Reclining Sofa

We thought the sofa had come about as far as possible when it comes to comfort but we were wrong. If you’ve ever had a recliner sofa you probably thought it was your best purchase yet. The reality is that after a while you’re left with either stiff or broken handles or mechanisms and a struggle just to even get one to work. Well the recliner just got even lazier. Now in pretty much every furniture shop you can find electric recliners that means you can lay back on your sofa with just the touch of a button.

Space Saving Table

Much like the mirror TV dinner table designs have evolved to fit the smaller living spaces of modern day people. Most of us younger people are finding it difficult to find a small flat let alone buying our own homes so we have to find furniture to accommodate. Modern day furniture designers have come up with the idea of having smaller shapes that are easy to store that then later up to a dinner table.

Kitchen Gadgets

In the kitchen there are constantly new gadgets being added. Why? Because we love to cook and of course we’re going to love anything that makes it easier for us. If you’re looking for kitchen gadgets just think about the lazy way of doing something in the kitchen and someone has probably invented it.

Bringing your home into the future could never be easier and with the introduction of online shopping we don’t even have to shop for hours to get what we want.


Carpets The Most Popular Choice

When it comes to improving the appearance of your home, the first thought that should come to mind is regarding the condition of your current carpet. You will not believe how easy you can change the décor of a room if you were to invest in Carpet Fitting. The truth is that once you choose to make such an investment, you will benefit from a long list of fantastic advantages. Depending on the carpet that you choose, you will be able to get most if not all stains out of it thanks to products available now.Rolls-of-Carpets

Demand for carpets are increasing all over the world due to the comfort, warmth and absorption of sound it provides. Carpet is definitely preferred if kids are around as it reduces the risk of injury during falls and slips and there is no possibility of slipping. If there are individuals with foot injuries or joint problems, thick padding under the carpet can make it more comfortable, it is a great flooring type if there is lot of standing or walking done in that area.

The first and foremost point one has to keep in mind is that, there is no perfect flooring type one can choose from. It depends on which features are most important to you. Carpet has earned the title as the most preferred flooring type because of the numerous advantages it offer. In spite of minor disadvantages like maintenance and the thought that this flooring type is prone to stains and moisture, carpet flooring, has its benefits. You can enjoy lovely and warm carpet flooring thanks to professional local carpet fitters.
Some of the advantages of installing carpet include:

Comfort: The most important and the most benefit you have from a carpet flooring is the comfort. When you walk into a carpeted room, you get a very warm and a comfortable welcome to that room.

Style: Carpets come in a variety of colors and patterns; you can choose what suits best according to the color theme of your room. If you wish to have a warmer room, darker shades of carpet suits better and lighted colored carpets are the best if you want to have your room look more spacious. Carpets are considered flexible, as you have the option of creating a setting of your choice for your room. Carpets are used in a home to increase the style of your space.

Good insulator: Carpets are mostly chosen in areas where the climate is extremely cold. Carpets are known for its feature of keeping your feet warm. You can get an extra padding under your carpet for a warmer feel and can choose thick fiber carpet, if you want it warmer.

Safety: Carpets are the best choice of flooring if you are worried about kids and elderly people. As they are prone to falling or slipping or skidding, carpet floors helps avoid it and saves them from getting hurt.



Why Should You Keep Trees In Your Garden?

Clean Air

Trees are also known as “lungs of the planet” because it gives off oxygen which all living things breathe in, as well as filters the air. So without trees we’re all probably die from respiratory diseases. So it can’t harm to have a few in your garden. Who wouldn’t want to sit in their garden and take in the fresh air?

They Provide Jobs For People

Did you know that in National Forest alone there are 190,000 full- and part-time jobs already which probably consists of tree surgeons, ecologists, soil scientists, and more? Considering how difficult it is to find a job these days, it’s nice to know that the existence of trees helps give people a living. But its even nicer to know if you’re looking for a little help in your garden (let’s face it your garden isn’t a natural forest) you can visit with confidence, they come highly recommended.

Keep The Water Clean

Knowing how the forest provides natural filtration and a storage system for nearly two-thirds of the water supply in UK alone, each of us should thank trees for giving us clean water, which is why we should contribute in our home garden.

They’re Good For Our Mental Health

We know how calming it is to just look at green spaces, but what you may not realise is that having trees around and close to home also inspires better cognitive functioning, self-discipline, and greater mental health in general.

They’re A Huge Part Of Wildlife

Removing trees is like taking away food, shelter, nesting, and mating place for a lot of different kinds of wildlife. This is also the reason why tree surgeons don’t just cut trees down completely and discard them. If a tree needs to be removed from a house or road, they apply a procedure called earth balling to avoid too much damage on the roots and ensure that it will survive when transferred and replanted on another location.

Reducing Heat

Summer would have been a lot hotter without the shade and wind-breaking qualities of trees. This means the more trees their are, the cooler the temperature will be.

They Are An Important Part Of Flood Control

The roots of the trees absorbs huge amount of water. So imagine it acts as a barrier to your home from any flooding.